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How Do Families Come To Us?

Often as a Last Resort

Families are referred to our program through social service agencies, welfare offices, hospitals, congregations, school guidance offices, or friends and family that are looking to help a family in crisis. Other families self-refer. Families meet with our Executive Director to determine if they would be a good fit for us. If not, no family has been turned away without being directed to other resources. Usually, after a waiting period, families move into Anne Marie House and then the work begins.

Our Program



Families sign a contract as they enter the program. They commit to follow the requirements, including a mandatory savings program, required classes, and necessary counseling. They are assigned household chores and must contribute positively to the community.



As soon as families enter the program, they set long-term goals toward independence. Parents must achieve short term objectives; career, family, and financial, to move them toward a permanent home of their own.



Often, families arrive with legal, custody, child education, or other issues where they need a helping hand. We leverage a wide variety of community resources to assist families to resolve problems that can impede their path to independence. 



Our goal is to END family homelessness. Our program is designed to break the cycle. Our mandatory financial literacy and savings programs are rigorous but our families leave with the resources to withstand life’s crises. Many of our graduates qualify for mortgages…moving from homeless to homeownership.

Who Do We Serve?

All Families

Because so many families are living paycheck to paycheck, just one crisis from homelessness, we are committed to helping every family. We serve single mothers, single fathers (a growing portion of the homeless population), and two-parent families. We serve grandparents raising grandchildren. We serve veterans who do not qualify for other programs.

Any family, no matter its composition, is a family worth saving.

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Over 300

Families Transformed

Since 2001, Family Promise of Southern New Hampshire has been working to provide families experiencing homelessness the opportunity, skills, and tools that they need to rise to sustainable independence. With a success rate of over 80%, our graduate families are productive, contributing members of their communities.

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