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Homelessness can happen to any family.

Job loss.


Health crisis.

Rising housing costs.

Situations that can befall any family. Parents are working but living paycheck to paycheck. Add in one-or two-life crises and a family that was living on the edge can find themselves homeless. They are living with family members, jumping between friends’ houses, or living in their cars. Parents are afraid that because they are homeless their children will be taken from them. They are in crisis.

One in Five

On any given night in America, one-fifth of the people experiencing homelessness are children. There are approximately 2.5 million children in America who are homeless.

Over 4000

There are over 4000 children in New Hampshire who are homeless. Nearly half of these children live in Southern New Hampshire.

One Third

On a single night in January 2018, one-third of the total homeless population in America were people in families.

Who Do We Serve?

Every Family

Every family deserves the opportunity to transform their future, to rise above circumstances that are often out of their control.  So we accept families of every type: single mothers, single fathers, two parent families, grandparents raising grandchildren, everyone. We do not have limits on the ages of either the parents or the children because homelessness can happen at any age, to any family. And veteran families, who may not qualify for other programs?  We serve them too.

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