Our Impact


Raising Families Up


100% Parent Employment

All of our parents are employed, with 90% elevating their career mobility while in residence.


86% Remain Self-Sufficient

We focus on permanent, sustainable solutions so families never again experience homelessness.

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Credit Scores....Up!

Our parents raise their credit scores an average of 120 points and 50% of our graduates qualify for mortgages.



That’s the average savings of a graduate family after 12 months of saving 70% of their disposable income.


Over 900 Individuals

That’s how many people we serve in a year and a half, either through residency in our program or through diversion and prevention case management to prevent families from becoming homeless at all.


Child Welfare Improvement

73% of our school-aged children demonstrated improved grades or increased their participation in social activities or sports.



It is well documented that homeless children experience a much greater incidence of stress than their peers. 94% of the children in our program showed improvement in their emotional and mental well-being through engagement in our family education programs.


Volunteer Service

There’s nothing more motivating than someone who has been there before you. 40% of our graduate families return in service as volunteers and role-models for our current famlies.

Our Graduates

Our graduates are our best advocates. Their lives were transformed from crisis to independence because of you!

jessica and danny

Unable to stay with family and expecting their first child, Jessica and Danny’s faith and hard work made sure that their family had a stable future.


After fighting for and gaining custody of her granddaughter, Maddie, Jessica started building a stable future for them both,  including savings and a home of their own.


An Army veteran, Lewis had a good job but nowhere to live. By reducing debt, saving money, and improving his credit, Lewis is now qualified for a mortgage.

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