Capital Campaign

A Child's Sanctuary....


Join us as we continue to transform a Nashua landmark into a new beginning for local families

Because Every Child Deserves a Home

The need will be greater than ever. 

As the economic impacts of COVID-19 permeate our society, the children and families who will suffer the most are those with the least ability to cope. Families are already feeling the loss of wages and jobs. Businesses will close and never return. Most families in America cannot withstand an unexpected expense of $400. Every family in America is going to face at least this, and most will face a much more devastating blow. Right now, emergency orders are keeping families from eviction and foreclosure, but these measures will end.  When they do, families teetering on the precipice will fall.

With your help, we will be there, as we have been for the last 17 years, to catch them.

We entered into an agreement with St. John XXIII Parish to convert the former Infant Jesus School into a new home for Family Promise.  Having completed construction spring of 2021 we have now doubled our ability to serve homeless families.  We have room onsite for 24 families.  Now our focus turns to supporting the new building and the programs we’ve built to ensure the success of our families.

Just as the true impacts of this crisis will come to fruition, we will be able to help. But only with you.

Building Home. Building Hope.

We have changed a local landmark, Infant Jesus School, into a new home for 24 families experiencing homelessness.  Help us keep the momentum going.

Twenty-four Family Suites

Families come in all shapes and sizes. At Family Promise, we pride ourselves on serving every family of every size. Each bedroom will connect to another, creating suites of every size to serve every family.

Twenty-four Family Facilities

Every family will have its own bathroom, including bathtub for little ones.

Children's Playroom & Family Parlors

Common areas will be renovated to allow for families to spend time together in community and children to play safely.

Family Courtyard & Play Area

We’re building a new exit onto an enclosed courtyard so our families can be safe & secure at play time.

Resident Staff Assistant Suites

Resident Staff Associates are professionals who work outside of Family Promise. They live on site to provide coverage during overnights so our families are safe at all times.

Kitchen & Dining Facililies

Kitchen and dining areas will be renovated to provide equipment and space to feed up to 70 people every evening.

Administration & Conference Space

New administration and conference space, along with new volunteer suites, will allow for one-on-one family meetings, as well as facilities for parenting and financial literacy programs.

Safety First

Upgrades to the security and fire suppression systems will ensure families’ safety. Electrical systems will be renovated to support residential use. Heating and ventilation systems are also scheduled to be upgraded.


Ready to help transform the lives of local families? Make your contribution today!


You can spread out your donation over a period of time to support the renovations. 

Naming Rights

Your dedication to ending homelessness can be permanently recognized in our new home.

Naming Rights

BUILDING $1,000,000
RESIDENT WING (2) $500,000
ELEVATOR $300,000
KITCHEN $250,000
ADMIN AREA $100,000
DINING ROOM $ 50,000
BOARD ROOM $ 25,000
BEDROOM (48) $ 15,000
VOLUNTEER SUITE (2) $ 10,000

 For more information about naming rights, please contact: